Whistleblowing Policy


  • To promote and develop a culture of transparency, accountability and ethics in the workplace.
  • Provide a proper avenue or channel for all employees and members of the public to report about an improper conduct, malpractice or wrongdoing that affect others such as customers, suppliers, other employees, the Company, the stakeholders or the public interest.
  • Provide an opportunity for those concerns to be investigated and for appropriate action to be taken to ensure that the matter is resolved effectively and within the company wherever possible.
  • Reassure employees and members of the public who report allegations of improper conduct that they will be protected from victimisation, harassment or disciplinary proceedings.
The Whistleblowing Policy is not designed to question financial or business decisions taken by the firm nor should it be used to reconsider any matters which have been investigated under other policies and procedures.  Only genuine concerns should be reported under Whistleblowing procedures. This report should be made in good faith with a reasonable belief that the information and any allegation in it are substantially true, and the report is not made for personal gain. Malicious and false allegations will be viewed seriously and treated as a gross misconduct and if proven may lead to dismissal.


The policy and procedures is applicable to all employees of all companies within Versalink Group and also applies to members of the public, where relevant. This policy covers all matters involving Versalink Group’s employees and any other person providing services to Versalink Group, including consultants, vendors, independent contractors, external agencies and/or any party with a business relationship with Versalink Group.


Whistleblowing is the confidential disclosure by an individual of any concern encountered in the workplace relating to a perceived wrongdoing, including, but not limited to the following:
  • Non-compliance with Company’s policies and procedures and/or code of conduct
  • Failure to comply with legal or regulatory obligations;
  • Abuse of power
  • Criminal offences, unlawful acts, fraud, corruption, bribery and blackmail;
  • Unauthorised use of Company’s money, properties and/or facilities
  • Theft or embezzlement
  • Negligence/Malpractice
  • Misuse of confidential information;
  • Involvement in conflict of interest and/or business opportunities positions
  • Exposure of Company’s properties, facilities and/or employees to the risks of safety and security
  • Concealment of any of the above


Reports may be made orally or in writing via electronic mail or a formal letter.
Information required when making a report:
  • Name (whistleblower)
  • Contact number (whistleblower)
  • Nature of allegation
  • Details of person(s) involved
  • Time, location and dates of malpractice
  • How the malpractice was perpetrated
  • Other witness (if any)
  • Documentation or evidence (If any)

All disclosure should be raised with immediate superior. If for any reason, it is believed that this is not possible or appropriate, then the concern should be reported to:

Matthew Law, Group Chief Executive Officer (Group CEO)
Email: matthew@versalink.com

Tel: +65 6248-4500/+603 3392 6888 ext 203
Mail: (marked “Strictly Confidential to be opened by the addressee ONLY”)

Versalink Holdings Limited
8, Wilkie Road, #03-01, Wilkie Edge,
Singapore 228095

Arica Walters, Executive Director (Corporate Strategy)
Email: arica@versalink.com

Tel: +65 6248 4500 / +603 3392 6888 ext 202
Mail: (marked “Strictly Confidential to be opened by the addressee ONLY”)

Versalink Holdings Limited
8, Wilkie Road, #03-01, Wilkie Edge, 
Singapore 228095

In cases of allegations concerning the Group's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or the Executive Director (Corporate Strategy), then the report should be made to:
Audit Committee
Email: AC@versalink.com

Mail: (marked “Strictly Confidential to be opened by the addressee ONLY”)

Versalink Holdings Limited
8, Wilkie Road, #03-01, Wilkie Edge, 
Singapore 228095

All whistleblower will be accorded with protection of confidentiality of identity, to the extent reasonably practicable. Versalink Group will not tolerate any harassment or victimization and will take appropriate action to protect the person when he/she reported a wrongdoing in good faith. Any party that retaliates against someone who has reported wrongdoing in good faith may be subject to appropriate action, up to and including legal action, where applicable.  The protection conferred under this Policy is not affected notwithstanding that the report of wrongdoing does not result in any disciplinary action on the person against whom the report was made. 
The Whistleblower shall be informed of the result of any investigation and/or any action taken by the Versalink Group in respect of the report in accordance with the Policy.

Versalink Group reserves the right to amend this Policy from time to time.