A distinctive design needs no translations. Nor does it need too many words. Zuco Cuboflex embodies this philosophy. With its unique styling, the chair is designed to provide support and comfort - a strong backbone even on turbulent days.

Zuco Cuboflex ensures the correct seated posture. The dynamism of its curved, flexible backrest is transferred to the user, regardless of whether the chair is used in office areas or prestigious management settings. At the same time, it helps to reinforce a consistent corporate image.

With their top-quality materials, the headrest and multifunctional armrests are particularly striking features. More importantly, however, they are flexible and offersupport so that anyone can find their ideal, individual seated posture. As a result, users remain fatigue-free at work and can relax when sitting.

Being part of the same family does not mean sacrificing individuality. With its exciting mix of fabrics and leather and its wide choice of colours, Zuco Cuboflex can be configured in countless different ways. Nevertheless, it always remains true to itself.

A winning concept through and through. Zuco's Cuboflex is the compelling choice not only from a technical and visual point of view. It is also designed with the environment in mind. Accordingly, it has certificates from TUV and Office quality and bears the GS safety seal. Most importantly, though, it is built to Zuco's exacting Swiss quality standards.

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