Anyone who receives visitors has certain demands and expectations. The visitors themselves do too. Special design options help to ensure that these needs are met. Material combinations in leather and fabric provide a special touch. The experience when sitting reinforce the overall concept. Zuco DucaRe - the chair where guests sit like kings.

Noticeably more comfort when sitting. The lockable Synchron mechanism can be quickly and effectively adjusted to the user's individual body weight during the movement process. With its constant counterpressure, it also provides useful support for the ideal posture when sitting. Thanks to its safety height lift, Zuco's DucaRe adapts perfectly to any body size.

Distinctive lines characterize the design in this family made up of only a few selected models. With various specifications available, the comfortable swivel, visitor and cantilever chairs make decision-making easier. Only the wide selection of high-quality materials will leave you spoiled for choice.

A winning concept through and through. Zuco's DucaRe is the compelling choice not only from a technical and visual point of view. It is also designed with the environment in mind. Accordingly, it has certificates from TUV and Office quality and bears the GS safety seal. Most importantly, though, it is built to Zuco's exacting Swiss quality standards.

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