Lordo : Real Elasticity

An absolute top design with an innovative approach for supporting the back using a transparent, pressure-regulating fabric which is elastic over its entire area and simple, self-aligning lumbar support. This is Lordo.

Lordo is an attractive chair whichever way you look at it. It's elastic, pressure-regulating backrest maintains its transparent and airy look at all times. What so ingenious about Lordo is the clarity of lines. It has an imposing appearance and yet is elastic and soft as soon as you sit back in it. This is all thanks to its lightfast and flexible woven fabric. The fabric is made of polyster and has lycra threads specially woven into it, available in black and light grey.

The backrest has a 10 cm height-adjustment range. The telescopic shanks on both sides of the backrest frame can easily be grasped from the seated position and are adjusted using attractive chrome buttons. The armrests are height and width-adjustable. The armrest pads are pleasantly soft to the touch. The depth of the seat can also be adjusted while sitting, using a flat button located on the underside of the seat. Users can therefore adjust the chair to suit their individual body size and preferred posture when sitting.

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