Workspace Consulting

Whole and complete solutions

Versalink collaborates with you to provide tailor-made solutions to create a workspace that will enable your staff to work at maximum productivity in maximum comfort.

Our services include:
  • Management of change and transition
  • Design and measurement strategy
  • Development of standards
  • Network and alternative work analysis
  • Workplace piloting

Our Collaborative Approach

  • Ask. We listen to your needs, analyze your solutions, and come up with a tailor-made solution that solve your problems.
  • Observe. Using first-hand observations, photo journals, video ethnography, shadowing, and other techniques, we create a detailed picture of your organization, user relationships, and behaviors.
  • Experience. We engage users in various interactive experiences, mapping their present situations and envisioning the future with them. These shared perspectives provide deeper insight into the issues faced by the workplace and allow us to devise a solution that will overcome these issues.
  • Productivity. We believe in the importance of ensuring that a logical workflow is maintained in your workplace.
  • Realize. Together, we develop solutions and evaluate these solutions via models or full scale environments. This practice enables us to validate concepts, reduce risks, and accelerate the acceptance of new ideas.